Halo 3 update - less lag than ever before

Bungie's latest Halo 3 update is now live and you'll be prompted to download it the next time you fire the shooter up.

"You may experience a few laggier-than-usual games after the update is installed as it resets your hosting and network connection history. This history should grow rapidly for an improved situation," says Bungie.

Other minor tweaks include:

  • Melee contests have been rebalanced
  • Dying while performing a melee or weapon lunge will no longer accelerate the dead player
  • The Elite Commando shoulder armor variant has been unlocked for all players
  • Improved the "Prefer Good Connection" option
  • Added backend hopper support for DLC custom game variants
  • Fixed a problem with the Theater when a player tried to view a saved film for a DLC map he or she doesn't own
  • Fixed a UI error in the Theater when a party leader selects a film that is invalid for a party client
  • Fixed a bug that under rare conditions could allow a BXB sequence
  • Fixed a Dirty Disc Error that could occur when loading the same DLC map twice in a row
  • Added a visible version string to the Halo 3 main menu

Long explanations of what all that actually means can be found here.

Courtesy of CVG.

Feb 21, 2008