Halo 3 mini-documentary

You think you've gone frame-by-frame through theHalo 3 announcement trailer? That's nothing compared to how Bungie looked at it. Today, the game's development team released a behind-the-scenes look at the making of that trailer in the form of a video documentary. Now you can see seven minutes worth of why they showed what they showed the way they showed it, including some nice background on Marty O'Donnell's soundtrack.

If nothing else, the video reinforces the fact that the trailer was running in real-time and wasn't pre-rendered. "You're absolutely going to be able to play exactly what you're watching in this trailer," says sound engineer Jay Weinland. Adds Curtis Creamer, "This is the game. This is the engine. This is what Halo 3 is going to look like."

Take their words for it, and take the time to watch the documentary for yourself - just hit the Movies tab up above. It's good.

June 7, 2006