Halo 3 in-game screens

This is just such an occasion, with the Seattle-based code-genies cramming a million and one things - at last - into the aforementioned video.

Anyway, those Brutes. It's no secret that Brutes in Halo 2 were more than a little disappointing (Bungie claim they were unfinished - apparently a lack of time resulted in the Chewbacca-alikes that turned up for some target practice). Their scream-and-charge tactics were, essentially, all they had to offer as they sucked up ammo with ease - and with their story beginning to take center stage in the Halo-verse, in order to continue, something had to be done. For starters, they looked like, well... shit. There's nothing that scary about a giant monkey with a hammer - just ask Mario. And up against the awesome-looking Alien-esque Elites, that's just what they looked like: slightly disturbed, obviously-stressed simians. Not any more, though. The new Brutes are huge, streamlined, unhinged extra-terrestrials you will run at - and then run away from again! In next generation Halo they now move like a race you seriously don't want to be messing with, and in one fell swoop, Bungie has righted all the wrongs of the Halo 2 incarnations of the Brutes.