Halo 3 in-game screens

In their first Halo 3 video documentary before Christmas, our friends at Bungie gave us a tantalizing glimpse into the world of Halo 3: how it will play out, what it will look like and what the spine of the game will be. The results were, not unexpectedly, incredibly exciting... and rather surprising too. Because the central premise for the third game looks to be very, very simple indeed: Brutes.

And lots of them.

Lots of them, armed to the back teeth and belting towards you in huge, hungry-for-your-helmet-on-a-spike armies for as far as the 360 will allow... basically, the Brute force looks to be this year's Elite. That is, they have one purpose in life: to attack you, attack you some more, attack you again - and then kick your ass reeeeal nice and hard just for giggles, attack-stylee.

It's typical Bungie, really. Tight-fisted with the goods for what seems like years, leaving Halo fanatics like us to pore over the minutest detail in the smallest section of a shot... and then unleashing a tidal wave of info, shots, video and speech-impairing art.