Halo 3 in-game screens

Away from the Brutes, one of the standouts in thevideo was actual, in the flesh, single-player gameplay. You heard: actual single-player gameplay. Check out more screens from the video (by hitting the Images tab above) and you'll see that Halo 3 is going right on back to the series' roots. Expansive environments and multiple levels leading to an artistic style closer to the original Halo than Halo 2. It's a purist's delight. Plus, more too: along with the first non-multiplayer sections was confirmation of what we revealed months ago: the Arbiter is back!

It's also clear from the screens that the Arbiter will be making a return in playable form. Exactly how this will pan out visually is another matter, as the in-game HUD has changed to reflect the view of peering through the Master Chief's SPARTAN helmet, something old Arby plainly doesn't have. Will we get some sort of Predator-like purple vision for Elites? Maybe so. But Bungie will be keen not to change things too much, making sure not to disrupt the flow of the game and story.

What's certainly clear is that Halo 3 is becoming more interesting, more exciting and sexier by the day. Looking at it in action, it's clear that Bungie is working their balls off to create a game worthy of the series, and worthy of closing this particular chapter too. Shame we have to wait another ten months to snap it up, but you can ease the pain of waiting by hitting the Movies tab above and watching the video documentary for yourself, titled "Halo 3 - documentary." Enjoy!