Halo 3... better than everything?

Halo 3 is better than... Twisted Metal

The crazy thing about Halo 3 is that, even if it doesn't trump a particular game right out of the box, it could in the very near future. The editing tools for rules and maps are surprisingly powerful. We're still waiting for fans to invent the inevitable Halo Kart and Halo Baseball, but already, we have a custom match that puts the entire Twisted Metal series to shame.

Watch the video of Rocket Races below.(To play it for yourself, head here.) Four wheelers, soaked with mud and scorched by fire, careening and flipping through a homicidal patchwork of death-seeking missiles. This hidden gem - which didn't even come shipped with the game - might have put the killer ice cream truck out of business for good.

Oh, and ATV Off Road franchise, you're on notice too.