Halo 3... better than everything?

Oct 3, 2007

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Gamers love Halo. Gamers also love to hate Halo. More than anything, however, gamers love to argue about Halo. Is it overrated or underrated? Is it the best shooter ever, or the worst? Is it better than Shooter X and Shooter Y? Or does Shooter Z totally blow it out of the water?

We at GamesRadar get a major kick out of watching these pointless but hilarious flame wars rage. So, in an immature effort to toss extra fuel on the fire, we've decided to expand the debate a little. Who says Halo 3 is merely the best shooter? Could it perhaps be the best GAME of all time?

Here are five non-shooter titles that Halo 3 arguably beats at their own unique style of play. Agree? Disagree? We don't care... we just can't wait to see your angry reactions.

Halo 3 is better than... Warhawk

Warhawk is currently one of the only good reasons to own a PS3. The massive online battles impress with both their size and variety - up to 32 players can wage war on foot, in planes, in tanks or with turrets. Best of all, the transition between the various forms of transportation and weaponry is absolutely seamless.

Knock that number from 32 down to 16, though, and you might as well be talking about the third Halo game. Master Chief is as adept piloting alien aircraft as he is hoofing it on the ground and as comfortable sitting in a brick wall of a tank as he is gunning a wild hog of a motorcycle.

Moreover, he displays this superhuman versatility in both multiplayer matches and the single player campaign. Did we forget to mention that Warhawk doesn't even include a single player campaign? Yeah... poor PS3.