Halo 3 Beta: Movie madness

One of the best things Bungie included in the Halo 3 Beta - which is tearing the internet a new one as we speak - is the Theater Lobby. What this means is you can save an impressive amount of footage (20 mins isn't impossible) and then upload it for everyone else to see.

Of course, this means that YouTube is now awash with videos bearing titles like "Roxxor winz!," "EXCLUSIVE Halo 3 gamplay!!!!1" and, inevitably, "Noob r Teh suxxor hahahhA." Look harder, though, and you'll uncover some brilliant clips. Actually, don't bother looking - we've hunted out five of the best vids for your eyes, so that you can spend your time watching them. Enjoy!

Mancannons are teh roxxor


A brilliant highlight of the Valhalla level, the mancannon fires its user high across the battlefield. But it also launches vehicles and - as the lightning reflexes shown in this clip brilliantly illustrates - grenades too.