Halloween, The Kingdom and Bratz!

A brutal heavy-metal version of a horror classic, a fast-paced war flick and a teen girl toy spin-off; today's inhabitants of our world-famous trailer park couldn't be more different.

If you watch one, make it Rob Zombie's Halloween - it's decent enough, with a surprisingly high number of nods toward John Carpenter's peerless original. Eagle-eyed fans of the '78 film will spot one particularly key change to the blueprint, which'll probably cause die-hard geeks to dress up as Michael Myers and camp out in front of Zombie's gaff. Make up your own mind here .

The Kingdom is a different kettle of fish - with Peter Berg’s fast-paced war flick looking like a cross between The Bourne Ultimatum and Black Hawk Down. Though, from what we've heard, that makes it more of an achievement in the art of trailer-splicing, than filmmaking. Go here to see it for yourself.

Finally, Bratz's Clueless for kids may alienate anyone older than the age of nine, but it does come from the brain of Marvel supremo Avi Avrad, and a franchise has already been mooted, so we'd better get used to it. Send your young'uns here .

source:( Yahoo Video ) ( Apple )

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