Half-Life: Something about this Gordon Freeman action figure doesn't look like Gordon Freeman

Despite this Gordon Freeman action figure from NECA ticking all the requisite feature-defining boxes, there's something not quite right about its 7" plastic homage to Valve's Half-Life hero. Have a look:

Glasses? Check. Goatee? Check. Crowbar? Check. HEV Suit? Check. Undeniably it's all there, but more in a passing resemblance sort of "hey that dude looks like Gordon Freeman" kind of way. It definitely seems too beefy-looking. That said, it has 20 points of articulation, two sets of interchangeable hands and comes with gravity gun and headcrab accessories and is consequently a cool piece of official paraphernalia.

Above: The headcrab likeness is spot-on (shame it's not Lamarr though)

The Gordon Freeman action figure will cost $18 and will be available at all retailers that sell such things from September.

Source: NECA via Kotaku

Matt Cundy
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