Hades fan recreates unused gods in Supergiant’s art style

(Image credit: Supergiant Games)

A Hades fan has recreated art of what additional Greek gods would look like if they made the cut for Supergiant's game.

Just below, you can see the first post on the Hades subreddit from u/Lazymanohelp, which was published just before the new year. This post shows what the Greek gods Hephaestus and Hera could have looked like had they made it into Supergiant's game, and each character even have their own Boon-related icons.

Made some art of what Hephaestus or Hera may have looked like if they were in the game. I think I did an okay job lol from r/HadesTheGame

Just earlier today, the same fan published a follow-up piece on the Hades subreddit, showing their rendition of Apollo. He's the god of healing, archery, and medicine, among others, so there's a little crossover there with the role that Artemis fills in Hades, who is actually the twin brother of Apollo in ancient Greek mythology.

People wanted an Apollo design from my last post. So here he is, Apollo if he was in Hades. (I also included the bond badge lol) from r/HadesTheGame

These recreations from the Hades fan on the game's subreddit are absolutely fascinating and lovingly recreated. If you're wondering whether Hades developer Supergiant could be adding additional gods and characters to their game in the future, it sounds unlikely. Back in September 2020, the developer said that they'd be taking a break from work before deciding on their next project, making it sound as though they were moving on from Hades after the 1.0 version of the game released out of early access earlier that same month.

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