Hades developer Supergiant will be taking a break before deciding on their next project

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Supergiant has revealed that they aren't too sure about what comes next, both for the studio at large, and Hades in a recent Reddit AMA.

Supergiant's Greg Kasavin replied to a question through Reddit, asking if the team was planning to "continue the development of Hades" now that the game has launched both out of early access on PC, and onto the Nintendo Switch. Kasavin's response doesn't give away too much, but it reveals that the studio will be taking an extended break in the near future, after they've finished patching and updating Hades.

(Image credit: Supergiant Games)

At the present time, it seems like Supergiant is on standby to fix any bugs or problems with the recently-released version 1.0 of Hades for PC and Switch. It sounds like the team is going to take a bit of a break after that, and then they'll regroup and decide what comes next for the studio.

What comes next for Supergiant after this break is really anyone's guess. But Kasavin stresses that "whatever comes of that planning might not be something we're ready to say anything about for some time, as we don't like to announce our plans until we have something we think is exciting to show."

Hades launched on Nintendo Switch last week, after being in early access for PC for over a year, and I've absolutely adored my time with the rogue-like action game so far. It's a brilliant blend of relentlessly punishing gauntlets and a heartfelt story with some very human elements at its core.

For more on Hades, you can see what Edge made of it when they went hands-on with it earlier this year.

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