Hackers crack PS3 firmware

With the arrival of every new console comes a race for hackers to crack their way through the new toy's security, and the PS3, after just over six months, has finally been defeated.

An exploit has been found in versions 1.10 and 1.11 of the PS3 firmware which has allowed one cunning hacker to boot up copied versions of PS3 games.

The fight isn't over though - the game boots, but it doesn't actually play, so there's some way to go. And the exploit doesn't allow for the running of unofficial (homebrew) programs, which is where the real meat of modding lies.

Homebrew fans hope the PS3 scene will go the same way as PSP, which has become one of the most thriving homebrew scenes in videogame history thanks in part to easy connection with PC (USB), and its huge storage potential via Sony's universal Memory Stick Duo.

Be warned though, if you mod your PS3 you'll kill your warranty, face being banned from the PlayStation Network, and cause problems with running new games. Even worse, you could brick your PS3 altogether.

Plus, copying games is bad, so don't do that either, ya' hear?

June 11, 2007