Guy Ritchie grooves RocknRolla

Considering that the last time he dipped a toe into the waters of crime capers, he emerged dripping wet with the confusing religio-nonsense of Revolver, the idea of a new Guy Ritchie gangster outing doesn’t exactly fill us with hope.

Also in the negative column is the fact that RocknRolla, his latest stab at cinema, is getting its moolah from Joel Silver’s Dark Castle Entertainment, home of such wonderful movies as House Of Wax, Thirteen Ghosts and Ghost Ship.

Still, staying positive, it does at least represent Ritchie returning to the Lock, Stock genre of less pretentious gangster pics, looking to hoover up an ensemble British cast comprised, no doubt of a few Ritchie regulars. The writer-director is currently looking for some actors to show up and spew mockney catchphrases, and plans to start shooting the groovy (that’s movie for those of you ill-versed in made-up cockney rhyming slang) this summer. Oi! Ritchie! Make it good, you muppet!