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Six new songs are coming to Guitar Hero Live's GHTV this week

Guitar Hero Live (opens in new tab) will get six songs added to its GHTV mode this week, where they'll exist as Premium Show challenges. To play them, you'll need to meet whatever requirements Activision and FreeStyle Games tack on as part of the challenge - or pay real-world money.

Next week, the songs will rotate out of the Premium Show category to on-demand, where you can use in-game "plays" or (again) real-world money. Finally, the week after that, the songs will become part of GHTV's regular programming, where you won't need to spend anything to play them, though you also don't know for sure when they'll pop up.

There's a good variety of tunes here, meaning you'll hopefully find at least one you appreciate. I myself am nothing if not a child of the nu-rock and emo era, so I'm looking forward to playing along on "Going Under." The full setlist is below:

The White Stripes – "Seven Nation Army"
Iggy Pop – "Real Wild Child (Wild One)"
Leon Bridges – "Coming Home"
Evanescence – "Going Under"
Bully – "Trying"
Lonely The Brave – "Victory Line"

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Sam Prell
Sam Prell

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