Guitar Hero kick starts a new tour

If you followthis link, you'll learn two very important lessons. First, investor webcasts are insanely boring and should be avoided. Second, this particular conference call happens to mention that Guitar Hero is coming to Wii within the next year. So, what, is that another $70 bundle we'll have to buy? Surely they must realize that we collectors can't ignore a new hunk of plastic carved in a relatively guitar-like shape.

The actual phrase from publisher Activision goes something like this:

"... we will aggressively target the Nintendo platforms consistent with our multi-platform strategy and Nintendo's expected growth. In fiscal 2008, we will double our offerings on the DS and the Wii, including Spider-Man, Shrek, Transformers and Guitar Hero."

Above: Image from the Xbox 360 version, but use your imagination

While it's not shocking at all that Activision is porting its extensive catalogue of franchises over to Nintendo's stable, it is worth noting that CEO Mike Griffith never says which system is getting which games. Though unlikely, it could be that GH is coming to DS and not Wii. Wouldn't that be silly?

Now begins the long wait for Guitar Hero deets. New songs? New game? Will we use the remote or just go straight for a new guitar? So many questions... so zero answers.

February 8, 2007