Guild Wars: Eye of the North

Eye of the North's four adventuring areas span wildly different terrain:

The Far Shiverpeaks are the Norn territories. Situated in the north, they're a harsh land of giant mountain ranges, broad snowfields, and accumulated glacial debris.

The Charr homeland will surprise those who remember the Charr from the original Guild Wars campaign, where you encountered them in the blasted lands of Ascalon. Directly north of the human kingdom, the Char homeland is green and verdant.

Bordering the Maguuma Jungle, the Tarnished Coast is a wet, rainy region marked by overgrown rock outcroppings and huge waterfalls. It is a haven for the underground-dwelling Asura, who are seeking refuge from the Great Destroyer.

The Depths of Tyria are underground catacombs hewed out over the centuries by the Asura, the Dwarves, and other subterranean races. There, you'll find semi-molten fissures and lava tubes, parts of which are still steaming with hot lava.

New minigames like Dwarven Boxing, a Norn Arena where you face famous characters from previous campaigns, and the Pokemon-like Polymock also spice things up in EotN. Check back here to tomorrow for more juicy impressions from our hands-on time with the game's new epic dungeons. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the latest art and screenshots by clicking the Images tab above.