Guardians of the Galaxy Disneyland ride will replace Tower of Terror

Marvel Studios unleashed a ton of goodies at its San Diego Comic Con presentation this year, including news that a Guardians of the Galaxy ride is headed to Disneyland California. The ride will replace the much-loved Tower of Terror. Check out the preview reel for Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT! below: 

"It takes you into the world of Guardians of the Galaxy in this really immersive exciting experience that features the quirky and beloved characters from the film in a whole new narrative that no-one's ever seen," says Disneyland's Joe Rohde. That new story is being cooked up by the film's director James Gunn alongside Marvel creative chiefs Joe Quesada and Kevin Feige, who says the ride will "harness the spirit" of the first movie.   

It takes place in "warehouse-fortress powerplant" where The Collector (Benicio Del Toro) keeps all of the objects that he's acquired from across the universe. That part of the experience rolls out like a museum. People can wander around all of his artefacts and if we know Marvel - and we totally do - that section will likely be packed with Easter Eggs. 

 The biggest item housed there is the Guardians themselves. I say 'housed' but they're actually imprisoned. It's up to riders to help Rocket get the whole gang out, leading to an "insanely fun" "rocketing up and down" ride. Keeping in the spirit of Star-Lord's crew, the whole thing will be soundtracked by some killer rock n'roll tunes. But of course. 

Currently in development, the ride is expected to open in 2017. I'd hazard a guess and say it'll be around May 5, 2017 when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 opens in U.S. theaters. 

Images: Marvel, Disneyland 

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