Guardians of the Galaxy 3 first reactions call it MCU’s saddest and darkest movie yet

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
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Early reactions to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 have started flying in, and they’re pretty glowing. From what little we know about Guardians 3 so far, the Marvel Phase 5 film will see Rocket in danger as the team must rally to save him. 

All of the Guardians will be back too as they face new adversaries in the High Evolutionary and Adam Warlock. The early reactions are full of plenty of praise for the final film in the trilogy as many call it a fitting goodbye to these beloved characters.

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 is a brilliant end to a brilliant trilogy," writes Digital Spy’s Ian Sandwell. "It's very funny, emotional and everybody gets their stand-out moment. Will Poulter's Warlock is a terrific addition, yet the focus is rightly on telling a satisfying end for the Guardians. Gonna miss them."

Others suggested it will be a tearjerker, as’s Rory Cashin tweets: "Can confirm that I shed a tear during #GuardiansOfTheGalaxyVol3. And that I would very happily watch an Adam Warlock solo movie."

"#GuardiansOfTheGalaxyVol3 is, more than ever, Star Wars as a stoner comedy," writes MovieZine’s Alexander Kardelo. "Lovable weirdos, big Marvel action, and goofy jokes. But nothing can prepare you for all the emotions. Rocket Raccoon’s origin story is beautiful and heart-wrenching."

Lots of international publications also got to see the movie early at the European Gala Screening in Disneyland Paris. We’ve translated some of their reactions, which call it both "dark" and "surprising".

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

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"I went with a preconceived idea to #GuardianesDeLaGalaxia3 and James Gunn has managed to surprise me for good," says Jesús Agudo of eCartelera. "It is darker and has even touches of terror, but it is still very funny and with a lot of personality. Rocket and Nebula excel in a very dignified send-off."

EL ESPAÑOL’s Valentina Morillo also had high praise, comparing it to Avengers: Endgame. "It has spectacular action set pieces, is fun, entertaining, and emotional," she writes. "It is a perfect and beautiful closure for its characters and the saga. And it's the best Marvel movie since Endgame (and Top3 in general)."

"Despite the humor #GuardiansOfTheGalaxyVol3 is probably the saddest & darkest MCU film & a wonderfully rounded conclusion to Gunn's trilogy, where everyone in the fight against a mean (but rather shallow) villain gets their big moment again," says Markus Trutt of FilmStarts. "Have tissues ready!"

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 arrives in theaters on May 3. For more on the MCU, check out how to watch the Marvel movies in order, all of the upcoming Marvel movies and shows on the way, and our breakdown of the Marvel timeline.

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