GTA Online reveals long list of "experience improvements" coming with next week's San Andreas update

Dr Friedlander appears during the GTA Online Last Dose missions
(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Rockstar has released a laundry list of what it calls "experience improvements" being packaged into the big GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries update next week.

To be clear, these aren't content additions but rather updates to vehicles, balancing, and general gameplay designed to "improve the online experience." There is one newly revealed feature being added to GTA Online when San Andreas Mercenaries arrives on June 13, and that's a handy option on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S that lets you check your progress via a tracker accessible via the main menu or the pause button.

Arguably the biggest highlight of the changes to vehicles is a new time-saving option that'll let you claim all destroyed vehicles at once when filing a Mors Mutual Insurance claim. Likewise, Mors Mutual won't charge you for recovering personal vehicles destroyed during contact missions and there's a new feature coming that'll let you make custom description tags for garages to help you find your favorite rides efficiently when calling the mechanic. 

As far as general gameplay changes, GTA Online is making it quicker and easier to start an organization or motorcycle club by adding a "register as a boss" button in the Interaction menu. I'm not sure this as much a highlight as it is my personal favorite update from the patch notes, but, "When parachuting or in freefall, players will no longer receive phone calls from Tom Connors or English Dave."

There are also balancing updates to payouts for collectibles and events and weapons. You can read about those and get the full list of changes coming June 13 on Rockstar's website

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