GTA Online has 50% discounts on tanks and other military vehicles this week GO GO GO

Do you own a tank in GTA Online? If your answer was anything but an enthusiastic "yes", your course of action from now through Thursday, September 22 should be clear: buy one while they and the rest of Warstock Cache & Carry's entire stock is on sale for 50 percent off. Maybe pick up one of those Buzzard Attack Choppers while you're at it.

If you don't have the money or required Reputation Point rank yet, then the skies are calling to you: all Parachute Jump Jobs and the Drop Zone Adversary Mode (which is basically Deathmatch with paratroopers) will reward double GTA$ and RP throughout the week. Drop into the custom Double GTA$ & RP playlist from the initial loading screen or pause menu for a curated selection of applicable Jobs.

Continuing the (para)military theme is a 50 percent discount for all Merryweather Security phone services, including ammo drops and mercenary backup. You can also pick up assault rifles, throwable weapons, body armor, and ammo from Ammu-Nation for 25 percent off. Don't miss the Armored Kuruma's combination of high speed and survivability at 25 percent off from Southern San Andreas Super Autos, either.

Unfortunately, you can't take it with you into this week's Premium Race: it's motorcycles only as all comers take on the Threading the Needle course through Los Santos. Everyone who enters will get triple RP for participating, while the top three finishers will receive cash payouts.

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