GTA Online Criminal Expansion Weekend has discounts on yachts and smoking jackets

Savvy executives know to always stock up on resources before demand outpaces supply. With the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update rolling out to GTA Online on Tuesday, Rockstar is holding a Criminal Expansion weekend from now through Monday with savings on everything you'll need to stake out your business - including super yachts!

Well, just one kind of super yacht: the Orion, also known as the smallest one. You'll be able to add one to your fleet for just $3 million with a 50 percent discount, and you can use some of the money you saved on extra modifications, which are available for 25 percent off.

Further compensate for the Napoleon complex inflicted by your (relatively) tiny yacht by buying a ritzy SuperVolito chopper or Turreted Limo for 50 percent off as well. Other vehicles are available for 25 percent off at Legendary Motorsport, including several armored selections.

All retailers across Southern San Andreas will offer 25 percent off smoking jackets, robes, and pajamas, and you can head to Ammu-Nation to complete the look with 50 percent off a Heavy Revolver or Switchblade. You also won't need the usual minimum $1 million in your back account to become a VIP and lead your own player Organization, and SecuroServ services like body armor and ammunition drops for your hired bodyguards are half off.

Last but not least, if you want to build up your Reputation Points before your Organization joins the contraband racket, the Adversary Modes playlist will award double RP throughout the entire event. That should be enough to get your business prepared for the future.

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