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70 GTA Online biker gangs petition for more choppers, leather vests, & unkempt beards

GTA Online (opens in new tab) has added heists, yachts, and supercars since it launched in October 2013, but one subset of players is organizing to demand a different kind of DLC: choppers, baby (opens in new tab). More than 70 in-game motorcycle clubs have united behind a single petition (opens in new tab), calling for more bikes, more clothes, more bars, and more beards. They even put this video together:

I'd love to see more motorcycles and motorcycle mods in the game, and the petition raises some good points about NPCs already sporting a bunch of biker clothes and hairstyles that aren't available to players - hopefully it wouldn't be too tough to bring them over. I'm more dubious about Rockstar adding access to additional clubhouse and bar locations in GTA Online, since that sounds like a lot of work that relatively few players would appreciate.

Motorcycles leave you extra vulnerable to both gunfire and traffic "accidents", so you don't tend to see many players on them in GTA Online. The few you may witness tearing down the highway on the back of a screaming hog are truly dedicated. As a massive fan of my not-terribly-practical Karin Futo tuner car (Initial D nu-metal (opens in new tab) optional but encouraged), I can empathize with these long-suffering bikers.

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