GTA IV rumors debunked #2

Rumor #3
You'll be able to join three different gangs and rise through the ranks

What we think:
GTA has always led the way in giving us choice while gaming, and this seems like a natural progression. There will apparently be four gangs, although one of them - "C-11" - will be modeled on the real-world Latino gang, MS-13, and will be a constant enemy throughout the game.

The other three organizations will be separate from the Russian/Italian Mafia honchos that may make up the main missions. You'll be able to find these gangs and be initiated into them, then follow a specific mission path and even rise through the gang's hierarchy. Sounds brilliant, and just what GTA needs.

Chances of the rumor being true:
Very probable.

Rumor #4
You can be mugged/carjacked/held-up/etc while playing

What we think:
Again, this seems like a natural development for the series. We've always been attacked by enemy gangs (especially in San Andreas), but with GTA IV there's the possibility that other career-criminals might be operating on Liberty City's streets.

How might this work? Imagine being followed by a car, rammed off the road and hauled from your vehicle. Or - with the game's new day/night change - finding yourself in a dark alley after nightfall and being jumped by local hoods.

It could get annoying - being hauled out of your car in a traffic jam while in a mission, say - but it fits perfectly with Rockstar's leaning toward a more realistic style.

Chances of the rumor being true:
Highly likely.

Rumor #5
There's no bicycles, or planes, but there are three types of choppers

As we've said before, there willmore than likely be aircraft to hijack, even if they aren't planes. The three choppers listed by Jadex9 are a police helicopter, a news 'copter and a privately owned craft. Which all sounds believable, though we reckon there'll be even more.

As for bikes... Well, given that New York is a hotspot for bicycle couriers, we're not convinced. And, while Rockstar have already said that GTA IV 's lead won't be skipping around on roller skates, we can't see why bikes would detract from the game's more serious vibe.

Chances of the rumor being true:
Unlikely on the lack of bikes, but more than likely on there being several helicopters.

April 20, 2007

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