GTA 5's Online Freemode gets bigger next month

The connective tissue of GTA Online is getting more meaty with some unspecified "exciting new gameplay" next month. While new cars, guns, and Jobs (and Heists that one time) have given GTA Online players some new stuff to do, it's good to see that the classic core of the multiplayer GTA experience - running over strangers who respawn, order a jet delivery, and use it to shoot heat-seeking missiles at you - is also continuing to grow.

The September update will also add the Rockstar Editor to GTA 5's current-gen console versions. Not only will PS4 and Xbox One GTA 5 players be able to start making their own productions in the former PC-exclusive movie maker, a bunch of new features will enhance and expand their cinematic options.

First off, you'll find a ton of new sound effects and ambient audio to liven up your scenes, as well as three times as many fonts for your title cards. You'll also be able to copy and paste audio settings from one area of your project to another.

The Director Mode will get a bunch of convenience updates, including a bigger minimap with blips for preset locations, the ability to spawn air and water vehicles, and the option to lock the time of day to a certain period - no more shooting day for night! Last but not least, you'll be able to export any still frame from within the editor to Snapmatic, meaning your photographic ambitions need no longer be constrained by time or gravity. Expect your image feed to get a lot weirder very soon.

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