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Resistance Gran

Style - 3/5
Web legend Old Grandma Hardcore is collapsed before her brand new PlayStation 3, looking the opposite of lively. She clearly hasn't dressed for the occasion - those sky blue fleece moccasins just don't scream "game time." But, then, she has just spent over$600 on a PS3...

Gaming face - 5/5
Not just a stern, concentration-heavy game face, but also the foul-mouthed expletive-heavy game groan boasted by a particularly vocal member of the GamesRadar team. Her gaze could cut ice. We particularly like her reactions while playing Oblivion, too.

Enthusiasm - 5/5
A filthy torrent of language blue enough to make David Jaffe blush proves Grandma Hardcore's heartfelt dedication to the cause. She's also determined not to give up, despite having major troubles besting one of Resistance's big bosses.

Skill - 5/5
Sure, Resistance troubles her at first, but Grandma Hardcore beats it in the end. And, on the evidence of her personal website filled with other videos of gaming feats - not to mention her visit to E3 last year - establishes that this granny's hardcore credentials are well earnt.

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