Grey Gamers uncovered

Gamecube Gran

Style - 3/5
Extra points - well, point - for Granny not playing Wii, instead opting for a semi old-school challenge from what looks like Mario Party on GameCube. She's also got the gamer's typical posture absolutely dialed: Slumped lifelessly on a sofa.

Gaming face - 3/5
Spellbound by the on-screen antics, this Grandma shows all the classic expressions - frustration, elation, irritation with outside influences.

Enthusiasm - 4/5
Sticking with it while complaining "it makes me mad!" shows dedication, plus using a regular controller shows willingness to learn a somewhat inaccessible talent.

Skill - 2/5
Continued practice sessions, entry-level videogame choice, easily distracted by real-world objects, and just not very good at gaming.

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