Grey Gamers uncovered

Golfing Gran

Style - 2/5
A very unorthodox swing, aided by a full-blooded follow through. Doesn't keep her head down through the stroke, but that could prove to be the straw that breaks Grandma's back.

Gaming face - 3/5
This charming lady manages to exhibit both modesty and delight in the face of her non-too-shabby achievements.

Enthusiasm - 3/5
With her full-bodied swing and rapt expression, Grandma is clearly hooked on the virtual sports enjoyment. So much so that her Grandchild is wailing herself hoarse in the background 'cause Gran is monopolizing the console.

Skill - 3/5
Needs some nannying with button manipulation, but finds the fairway without too much bother - almost nails a solid perfect drive with her first strike, too.

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