Grey Gamers uncovered

Bowling Gran

Style - 1/5
Sitting down to play Wii Sports Bowling is never a good idea, although in all fairness we probably shouldn't frown on this 84 year-old's choice to remain seated during the approach.

Gaming face - 1/5
Seemingly uninvolved in the action, this veteran gamer's face is unchanged even by a remarkable first attempt.

Enthusiasm - 2/5
Slightly nervous-looking gaming. Has probably been put up to it by well-meaning younger relatives, although the animated roll of the shoulder during the throw exhibits an inner enthusiasm not evident in Granny's glassy expression.

Skill - 5/5
Despite showing inexperience by needing more than one go at the throw, you can't argue with an instant strike. Especially from a lady who's lived through two world wars. A sterling performance.

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