Greenlight for Kevin Smith's Secret Stash TV show

AMC has commissioned the TV series Secret Stash, produced by Kevin Smith and set in a world familiar to fans of Jay and Silent Bob: the comic-book store.

"Draper. Meth. Zombies. This show couldn't be on a better network. AMC is to television what Miramax was to cinema back when I first got in the game - they're the premier destination for any story-teller looking to spin an offbeat yarn that no other outlet has the stones to touch," said Smith.

“I'm ecstatic, proud, and extremely lucky to be in bed with a network I watch religiously anyway. And if they'd pushed just a little harder in the negotiations, I'd have done this show for no payment beyond early access to every episode of Mad Men , Breaking Bad and Walking Dead ."

The first season will be six, one-hour episodes and will appear early in 2012 on small screens in America.

The Secret Stash will apparently capture the world of the local comic-book store and will be unscripted.

"The comic book store is, in many ways, the corner bar for comic book fans. It is still this place where everybody knows your name, and you can go and geek out with like minded people. If I lived closer, I'd want to hang out at here. It's got great energy, great personality, and is a perfect portal into the world of comic book culture," said Joel Stillerman, AMC's SVP of original programming, production and digital content.