Green Hornet in trouble?

It’s looking like Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s take on The Green Hornet is stuck in limbo.

There was a time when everything seemed to fall into place for the movie – Rogen and Goldberg had dragged the film from development hell, written a new script and convinced Stephen Chow to direct and play sidekick Kato.

But now Chow is out of the director’s chair – and likely won’t even stay on as Kato – and the film looks wobblier than the economy.

Studio worries

Drew McWeeny over at Hitflix hears word from sources that Sony executives were worried about the movie’s prospects and that it’s unlikely to shoot this year.

It would appear that the curse of the Hornet on modern film is still in full effect, with Michel Gondry and Kevin Smith both having had a crack at it.

All this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dead, but it’s hardly a good sign. We’re hopeful it’ll come together – but we may have to wait a little longer.

[Source: Hitflix ]

Question: Are you relieved or sorry to hear about possible trouble in Hornet-ville?

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