Great British Bake-Off finalist Kim-Joy makes her comic debut with Turtle Bread

Turtle Bread art
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Great British Bake-Off 2018 finalist Kim-Joy has found success after the show with a line of cookbooks. But now she's heading to ComiXology to make her comic writing debut alongside artist Alti Firmansyah, letterer Joamette Gil, and designer Cindy Leong with Turtle Bread, a digital comic about a young woman who finds community in a local baking club.

(Image credit: ComiXology)

"In Turtle Bread, a young woman named Yan who has a passion for baking stumbles upon a local Baking Club on her way home from another unsuccessful job interview," reads the official synopsis. "Her social anxiety tries to keep her away but the bakers encourage her to come out of her shell, especially the caring and supportive Bea. As the club bakes together, Yan discovers that her new friends may need her too, more than she realizes…" 

When one of the baking club's members disappears from the group abruptly, the rest of the friends must come together to find out what happened and gain some closure.

Here's a gallery of interior pages from Turtle Bread:

"Turtle Bread is a story about the strength of vulnerability; how showing a little of our softness from beneath a tough exterior shell can break down barriers between us that serve to reinforce the loneliness in the world," states writer Kim-Joy in ComiXology's announcement.

"Being cognizant of who we are and how we affect others is a gift. I want people to read Turtle Bread and feel less alone, comforted, and inspired to drop their armor, come together and bring meaning to their lives; in the same way separate ingredients come together when baked to form something fresh and new."

Turtle Bread goes on sale May 2.

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