Grant Morrison, Brian Michael Bendis, and more contribute to new comic to support the Writer's Guild of America

General Strike: Calexit and Other Tales of Fighting the Good Fight
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The Writer's Guild of America has reached a tentative agreement with studios and streamers to end their record breaking strike. And to celebrate, publisher Black Mask has launched a Kickstarter for an anthology titled General Strike: Calexit and Other Tales of Fighting the Good Fight full of stories rooted in "the struggle for economic equality."

General Strike will be curated by Calexit co-creator/WGA member Matteo Pizzolo, who is also the co-founder of Black Mask, and features contributions from numerous WGA writers, including Grant Morrison, Brian Michael Bendis, Rodney Barnes, Tamara Becher, Daniel Dominguez, and Charley Feldman, along with artists  Antonio Fuso, Jamal Igle, Butch Mapa, Tyler Jenkins, and Josh Hood.

(Image credit: Black Mask)

"A new comics anthology curated by the creators of Calexit aims to celebrate the Hollywood Labor Movement’s massive success and also support workers impacted by the dual Strikes as the WGA closes its historic new deal with the studios," reads Black Mask's announcement. "Titled General Strike: Calexit and Other Tales of Fighting the Good Fight, the collection of new stories dedicated to the struggle for economic equality is written by WGA members, and publisher Black Mask Studios is matching the writers fees with donations to the Entertainment Community Fund."

The anthology grew out of original plans to put together an anthology focused on the world of Calexit, a story about a world where California splits off from the rest of the United States, sending the state spiraling into chaos and strife.

(Image credit: Black Mask)

"With the longest running dual-strikes in Hollywood history reaching a crescendo, this is an amazing moment to celebrate the power and solidarity that got us here and also to keep telling stories that inspire us to fight these good fights," says Matteo Pizzolo in a statement. "The WGA and SAG strikes are part of the bigger labor movements growing across the country and around the world, but they’re also unique because they focus on creative artists – the public outpouring of support we’ve seen here hasn’t always been the case with past Hollywood strikes." 

"It’s really inspiring and we’re hoping this project can honor that and also support the workers who are still struggling due to the impact of the strikes."

General Strike: Calexit and Other Tales of Fighting the Good Fight is now funding on Kickstarter.

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