Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

While you may’ve seen that recentGameStop commercialand its split second of gameplay, today’s OFFICIAL trailer features a little more of Chinatown Wars in motion. Look closely and you can make out the corpse lying in a pool of blood, the windshield shattering and dumpster diving stylus games, and protagonist Huang Lee tearing up Liberty City on a motorcycle.

It’s also worth noting that the song in the trailer (“Like a Renegade” by Ghostface Killah and MF Doom!) was commissioned exclusively for Chinatown Wars. Not so coincidentally, perk up those ears and you’ll hear Mr. Killah subtly hint at specific plot details. What a poet!

UPDATE: Rockstar just sent us a new video, and thankfully it’s a damned good one showcasing the more unique aspects of the gameplay. Above you’ll see Huang Lee pull a stunt jump, aid in a drive-by shooting, and jack someone’s ride with a little stylus-based hotwiring. But the highlight by far is the violently arcade-style burnout. Take off with a boost and you’ll spit flames from the back of the car, igniting anyone fool enough to be standing close-by.

The game streets March 17th, so you can be damned sure we’ll have a review coming very soon.

Feb 26, 2009