'Gran Turismo for Boys' still coming

Not even a whisper has been uttered about the elusive Gran Turismo for Boys venture since its original 2004 announcement for PS2, but it's still coming, Kazunori Yamauchi insists.

If you hadn't already forgotten it ever existed, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the game had been canned years ago, but GT creator Yamauchi has told us that it's still on the way, but not a standalone game as previously thought.

"We're hoping to make that a feature within Gran Turismo 5," he said during arecent interview with CVG, while admitting that he and his team are so busy with GT5 for PS3 that they have little time for other projects.

Gran Turismo for Boys is thought to be a simplified version of the typically brutally realistic GT gameplay, aimed at making the game accessible to younger ones.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 4, 2008