Gran Turismo 5 NASCAR video is the worst thing you'll see all day

This might just be the worst GT5 video yet posted to the internet - and it's not even the game's fault. Witness its epicness right here.

If there were a graph of excitement, it would be a straight diagonal line downwards. It all starts so well - the graphics are sublime, filling the screen with crisp, bold detail. You can see the big, fat slick tyred wheel of the car to our left through the accuractely modelled window and he's taken the trouble of taking a cable from the TV so you can hear the audio. But then that car gets ahead and pulls away. And pulls away. And pulls away.

The player is soon looking at tiny little automotive specks on the horizon. Now, NASCAR is often criticised for being a procession of cars (yes, by the uninitiated), so it was hardly likely to be amazing. But still, you expect he'll pull off some amazing line to catch back up to the pack. A couple of corners later, it's looking increasingly unlikely. With nothing else to do but turn gradually left, he starts looking out of the windows. Then he changes the view a few times. Then he looks out of the back window. Then the race ends.

Above: Even the game has got bored, lazily displaying adverts at the bottom of the screen

But you know what the most amazing thing is? EIGHT people have favourited it on YouTube. You know, so they can watch it again whenever they like. Oh internet, how I love you.

26 Aug, 2010

Justin Towell

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