Grabbed by the Fuzz

What is there to say, really.

We’ve already given you the lowdown on Hot Fuzz - you’ve seen the teasers and the poster and if you aren’t turned on, then frankly, you ain’t got switches.

Those lovely people at Working Title have slapped up a full trailer for the flick from Shaun Of The Dead team, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, and, as promised, this looks like a full-on balls to the wall action flick. Click here to check it out.

We can’t wait. In fact, we refuse to wait. We’re off to chain ourselves to the railings at Simon Pegg’s house.

(Disclaimer – We aren’t really chaining ourselves to Simon Pegg’s railings. We’re not even sure he has railings. We don’t condone this kind of behaviour).

Source: ( workingtitlefilms )

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