Grab a PS4 Slim 500GB with FIFA 18, GT Sport and Knowledge of Power for £199.99 in this amazing Black Friday deal


No-one appears to be waiting for the big day itself to unveil Black Friday Gaming deals. If you've been waiting to buy a PS4 Slim, this incredible bundle from Very is a seriously bargainous choice. For less than £200 you'll get a PS4 Slim 500GB, FIFA 18, GT Sport and Knowledge of Power for £199.99. If this isn't the one you're looking for, check out our best Black Friday PS4 deals. 

PS4 500Gb bundle: Pick up a PS4 500GB, FIFA 18, Gran Turismo Sport, and Knowledge for an incredible £199.99 from Very

And that's not all. If you want to add to your PS4 bundle, you can add a years worth of PS Plus Membership OR an extra DualShock 4 controller to make the bundle £239.99 from Very. If you want to go for the full bundle of a PS4 500GB, FIFA 18, GT Sport, Knowledge of Power, a year of PS Plus, AND an extra DualShock 4, it's still an incredible £269.99 from Very