GR+ Live at SDCC 2015: What's a Loot Crate?

So you've heard that GamesRadar+ is partnering with Loot Crate for San Diego Comic-Con 2015. That's good! But what if you've only heard of two, one, or maybe even none of those things before? Well, if it's GamesRadar+ you're learning about for the first time, welcome! We cover video game, tech and entertainment news, and we'd like to be your friend. If it's SDCC2015 that's got you confused, be sure to click the link above to be taken to a page full of news, interviews and features exploring one of the biggest celebrations of geek culture.

And if it's Loot Crate that you've been missing out on, allow us to rectify that right now: it's a subscription service that sends you oodles of swag and collectibles, many of which you can't get anywhere else. They've got some extra-special surprises in store for the crowds at San Diego, so we thought we'd sit down and have a nice chat. Take a look:

Sam Prell

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