Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising - day three

For those who prefer soloing to forming large parties with strangers, MMOs can be a lonely experience at times. What's a healer with no one to heal? What's a warrior with no cloth covered casters to defend? By throwing situations that require multiple players to cooperate and combine their individual niche strengths, successful MMOs have been able to funnel players together, encouraging socializing, guild building, and the sense of community that makes enveloping oneself in an MMO such a worthwhile experience for many.

But somewhere along the line, the joy of controlling a multi-character party - with a well balanced mix of melee, ranged, and healing classes - was left behind and forgotten in the realm of single player RPGs by many of today's MMOs.

There will still be lots of instanced dungeons and group quests in the upcoming MMO, Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising. But it looks like developer, Perpetual Entertainment is taking a step back towards the multi-character parties more commonly associated with single player RPGs. Lead designer - of Diablo fame - Stieg Hedlund calls minions the "pokemon" of Gods and Heroes. And with about 132 NPC minions available to join your cause so far, it looks like collecting an army of followers will be a big part of the game.

The term "minions" seems a little misleading and makes them sound like glorified pets. But seeing how each NPC you enlist grows stronger and learns skills with you as you level up, and comes with their own back story and powers, calling them "pets" just doesn't seem to do them justice.