God of War Ragnarok's Cory Barlog is teasing fans over State of Play requests

God of War
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Producer and creative director Cory Barlog is still trolling fans desperate for news about God of War Ragnarok.

In between normal tweets about life and family this week - you know, because game developers are humans with interests beyond the games they make - Barlog has been making tweets that can only be described as trolling. In response to one fan saying "I hope we'll hear from the game very soon," Barlog sent a gif of Nacho Libre noncommittally nodding. In response to another fan lamenting "no State of Play announced," Barlog offered a Silence of the Lambs gif with the text "all good things to those who wait."

He's also channeling Kratos himself for some calming rituals - though whether that's in anticipation of an announcement or an effort at patience amid a sea of desperate fans is unclear.

Psychoanalyzing a group of tweets like this is a very silly thing to do, but then so is directly responding to rumors around a hotly anticipated upcoming video game. Balrog's been doing exactly that throughout the month, previously teasing fans over rumors that Ragnarok had been delayed until 2023.

A recent report from Bloomberg suggested that God of War Ragnarok is internally targeted for launch in November, and that an announcement is set for sometime in June. With June running out fast, fans are analyzing seemingly innocuous messages with ever greater scrutiny.

A tweet from God of War developer Santa Monica Studio earlier this week wished a happy birthday to Thor actor Ryan Hurst - and since it included a joke about "Thorsday," some fans took that to mean a Ragnarok State of Play would land on a Thursday. (In fairness, State of Play broadcasts do usually run on Thursdays. There are two more Thursdays in June, for the record.)

A similar happy birthday tweet to Angrboda actor Laya Hayes included the quote "You'll get your answers. Well, some of them anyway." That's a light paraphrase of the only line Angrboda had in the Ragnarok reveal trailer, but given the reams of speculation over the past month, the line certainly has some additional connotations.

Maybe we'll be able to put all this to rest sometime this month. Or maybe we won't! Who knows? I don't know! Barlog's apparently also excited about Dragon's Dogma 2, so maybe you should just go play Dark Arisen until we hear more.

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