God of War Ragnarok players think they've found Thor's missing tooth

god of war ragnarok
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God of War Ragnarok players think they've found Thor's tooth after a certain scene.

Be warned: there are light spoilers for God of War Ragnarok's opening hours here.

In the early goings of Sony Santa Monica's sequel, Thor and Kratos go head-to-head in an Earth-shaking showdown. Near the conclusion of the fight, Kratos lands a staggering haymaker on Thor's jaw, knocking a tooth (or two) straight out of the giant warrior's mouth.

Now, some God of War Ragnarok players are claiming to have found Thor's missing tooth after the battle is said and done. While the footage shared below is admittedly fairly poor and difficult to make out, the comments section underneath the Reddit post is full of other players claiming to have also discovered the God of Thunder's missing tooth.

Graphics modes

god of war ragnarok

(Image credit: Sony)

Change your God of War Ragnarok graphics settings to up the resolution and you might be able to see this tooth a little better

This would make sense, although it'd be some pretty incredible detailing from Sony Santa Monica. Thor's tooth wouldn't technically just disappear into thin air after being knocked out of his jaw, but who's going to all that attention to craft a tiny little tooth that the vast majority of Ragnarok players might very easily overlook?

In fact, one user in the comments section of the Reddit post even claims they heard an audio cue for the tooth landing on the ice right after the blow from Kratos. Talk about attention to detail, because if this is true, that's multiple departments at Sony Santa Monica collaborating to put this tiny detail in Ragnarok.

Just last week, it was announced Lady Dimitrescu is hiding in God of War Ragnarok. No, not the actual character, but actor Maggie Robertson, famed for taking on Resident Evil Village's towering role, also has a role of similar stature in Kratos and Atreus' new adventure.

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