How to get the God of War Infinity Gauntlet, or Shattered Gauntlet of Ages

God of War infinity Gauntlet

The God of War Infinity Gauntlet, officially the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages, is one of the game's biggest and most useful Easter Eggs, allowing players in God of War to build their own version of Thanos' Gauntlet piece by piece with their own versions of the Infinity Stones, found across the entirety of God of War.

While not anything like as powerful as its namesake, the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages is easily one of the game's best items, a Talisman that allows players to perform a special attack that upgrades and changes as you slot more Gems into it. You can even have some control over the Gauntlet's effect by putting in certain Stones over others, as you can't even put all six in at once. Whatever your plan, we'll show you how to get the God of War Infinity Gauntlet and where to find all the Infinity Stones (or rather, enchantments), you need to make it perfectly unbalanced, and get the best advantage over Midgard's monsters.

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How to get the God of War Shattered Gauntlet of Ages

The God of War Shattered Gauntlet of Ages talisman

If you want to get your Kratos closer to Thanos, you'll need to complete the Family Business quest that you'll be given by Sindri. Towards the end of the quest, you'll find the remains of the dead men on the boat and be attacked by a Traveler. Defeat it and you'll be gifted the God of War Shattered Gauntlet of Ages talisman.

Once upgraded, the God of War Infinity Gauntlet - sorry, the Shattered Gauntlet - is capable of holding up to three enchantments. But what makes things even more Infinity-War themed is that there are six unique enchantments that you can find across the game, which function a bit like the Infinity Stones. Each one uniquely effects the Gauntlet's standard ability, which is to create a blast of energy ahead of Kratos by pressing L1+O.

Although there are six Infinity enchantments in total, you actually just need three, because that's all you need to power up the gauntlet as it only has three fillable sockets (and you'll need to upgrade it at Sindri's a couple of times to reach that many). Maybe don't go for the ones that require you to defeat the God of War Valkyries...

1. Andvari's Soul

The Andvari's Soul enchantment in God of War

Basically the Soul Stone, Advari's Soul has the chance of granting you a health burst on any successful Runic Attack kill.

How to get it: Complete Brok's Deus Ex Malachite favour

2. Asgard's Shard of Existence

The Asgard's Shard of Existence enchantment in God of War

God of War's version of the Reality Stone grants you Fortification if you hold L1 for several seconds, which causes an explosive knockback after the next successful block. 

How to get it: Defeat the Helheim Valkyrie, Rota.

3. Eye of the Outer Realm

The Eye of the Outer Realm enchantment in God of War

The in-game answer to the Space Stone doesn't actually grant you any in-game perks, apart from some stat boosts.

How to get it: Found in the Hidden Chamber of Odin in Helheim

4. Ivaldi's Corrupted Mind

The Ivaldi's Corrupted Mind enchantment in God of War

The God of War Mind Stone weakens any enemies within 15 metres, making them more vulnerable, which is very handy indeed.

How to get it: Defeat the Alfheim Valkyrie, Olrun.

5. Muspelheim Eye of Power

The Muspelheim's Eye of Power enchantment in God of War

As you'd hope from a Power Stone, the Muspelheim's Eye of Power gives you a lovely strength, defence and vitality boost, but also increases your resistance to burn damage by 20%. In fact, if you level this enchantment up, that can stack to 60%. Nice.

How to get it: Purchase it at the Muspelheim shop.

6. Njord's Temporal Stone

The Njord's Temporal Stone enchantment from God of War

The clue's in the name for this one, as the temporal enchantment is actually the Time Stone, which makes sense as to why there's a low Perk activation chance to temporarily slow nearby enemies after you've damaged them. 

How to get it: Defeat the Valkyrie Queen.

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