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God of War III reviews - roundup special

Our very own Super Review will be live today (8th March 2010) at 5pm GMT/ 9am PST but in anticipation of our definitive verdict let's take a look at whatthe other critics have to say about Kratos PS3 debut...

PSM3 France 20/20

'Simply one of the best games of all time'

OPM US 5/5

'An unforgettable conclusion to a legendary series'

NextGN 10

'God of War III is perfect for what it is and king of it's gameplay genre'

Game Informer 10

'Powerful, cinematic and breathtaking'

Consoles+ 19/20

'Rarely in Console+ have we been this close to giving a perfect score'


'God of War III gives PlayStation's toughest hero the send-off he deserves'

OPM Benelux 97%

'The best graphics you'll ever see'

NeoPlus (Poland) 9.5


NZGamer 92%

'If you have a PS3 and like action games, go buy this or at least rent it'

PLAY3 (German) 93%

'This is game is a software-craftmen's masterpiece'

GamePro (German) 92%

'God of War III is an experience you will never forget'

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