God Hand - hands on

Don't be fooled by the serious look of this upcoming brawler. We got more play time with an early version of God Hand and it's as much about punchlines as it is about punches, infused with the sort of wacky humor we'd expect from the creators of Viewtiful Joe.

God Hand takes place in a land plagued by the Four Demons and their gang of minions whose main mission is to mutilate and humiliate the innocent civilians and belly dancers of the world. You'll take control of Jean - blessed with the power of the God Hand, a gift which legend says will empower a hero to save mankind and rid the world demons. However, he's anything but a pious savior - he's a hard hitting, fast talking wise guy who seems more interested in drinking beer and impressing his lovely companion Olivia than ridding the world of evil with his newfound power.

God Hand refuses to take itself too seriously. In fact, it goes out of its way to be wacky and zany, presenting itself as a sort of parody of the beat-'em-up genre. All the elements of a typical brawler are present in excess. You'll encounter the familiar assortment of stout bald men, lanky cronies with mohawks, and leather clad babes. However, beating up these stock enemies in the second area with a piece of paper taped on your back that reads "Kick Me – God Hand" will make it hard not to laugh at the silliness of it all, and is typical of God Hand's off-beat take on the genre.

With gratuitous cleavage and up-skirt shots, God Hand is definitely designed with male players in mind. You'll find an assortment of bondage queens, sexy clowns, sexy witches, sexy cyborgs and some good old fashioned pole dancing among the beatdowns, while easter eggs sporting naked women with stars covering their nipples aren't uncommon. True to form,even this isn't taken seriously - Jean discovers them with goofy comments like "Wow!" and "That's awesome!"

But God Hand isn't all T and A;some if it's just plain weird.The gigantic, cigar-smoking monk with a Mexican accent named Elvis is typical of the quirky characters you'll encounter;at another point, you'll fighta magic-bus-riding, newspaper-reading ape. Yeah.