God Hand - hands on

God Hand's gameplay offers a few nice surprises, too. If you knock an enemy down or combo enough hits in you can initiate a Stomp, Pummel or (ahem)Spank move. Your attack speed matches how fast you mash the action button. It feels great to repeatedly stomp someone’s face into the dirt before quickly dodging another enemy's attack and initiating a new combo, finishingin a well-deserved spanking.

Unfortunately, the God Hand special attacks themselves were not as impressive as they look. They consist of basic power moves and combo strings which you'll find yourself saving for harder enemies and boss fights like any other fighter game. Also, the novelty of the "Ball Buster" and "La Bomba" roulette moves - finishers that are semi-randomly selected by a spinning wheel - are sure to get old after seeing them so many times.