Goat Simulator headbutts onto Xbox One and 360 in April

The ruminant rumble that confounded and delighted PC gamers everywhere last year is heading to Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Microsoft has confirmed that Goat Simulator will hits its new-gen and last-gen consoles next month via the intense live action trailer embedded below.

Maybe intense isn't the right word. It definitely does have a goat in it, though, and so does the game, so it's accurate. On the other hand, this footage might give you an unrealistic expectation for the level of detail you can expect to see in your goats wiggly little tail and its capacity to stand still without wreaking havoc… you know what, I may be over-thinking this.

Goat Simulator was originally developed by Coffee Stain Studios, otherwise known for the Sanctum games, though the Xbox versions are being ported over by indie developer/publisher Double Eleven.

Doesn't look like there are any plans for a PS4 version so far. If you want goofy animal physics on PS4 you'll just have to content yourself with Octodad: Dadliest Catch for now.

Connor Sheridan

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