GlobalComix partners with Top Cow and announces downloadable PDF sales model

Witchblade Vol. 1 art
Witchblade Vol. 1 art (Image credit: Top Cow)

Digital comics distribution platform GlobalComix has teamed up with Top Cow to release high-quality PDF bundles of the publisher's most famous titles.

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Under this new initiative, readers can buy and collect Top Cow titles including Witchblade, Postal, The Darkness, and more, which can be downloaded as high-quality PDF files for permanent archiving. They can then be viewed on any device and through the reader's app of choice.

This sales model will seemingly allow purchasers to share their PDF library with whomever they want, without necessarily having to share app logins or other personal information. To access purchased PDFs and download them to a device, users just have to visit the downloads page of their account, select the file, and save it.

Each PDF will be uniquely generated for download, meaning that if the original file is deleted it won't affect the purchaser. Individual titles and bundles will both be available at set prices with one-time payments, so there's no risk of readers hitting a paywall once they've purchased what they want.

GlobalComix users can search for titles using a variety of filters, and content owners can set their own prices, run sales, offer free promotional codes, and earn the same revenue share percentage from subscriptions and direct sales. They can also decide if they want to make their works available for PDF downloads or not. According to its FAQ, GlobalComix generally takes between 25 and 35 percent of the money readers spend on page credits, but revenue share agreements may differ between creators.

Creators and readers alike have been seeking new digital comics platforms as alternatives to Amazon's Comixology, which in recent months made a series of changes that have led to widespread criticisms about the changes and the app's affected functionality. GlobalComix seems to be making a bid to become the new digital comics distributor of choice and allowing users to permanently archive PDFs could be a significant draw.

Announcing the new model in conjunction with its Top Cow partnership will likely also draw additional users to the GlobalComix site.

"Top Cow is a name that is immediately recognizable in the comics world. Whether you’ve followed Witchblade or Cyberforce from the start, have lost yourself in the universe of Infinite Dark, or simply believe in the creative teams led by Matt Hawkins and Marc Silvestri – we’ve all been touched by the power of Top Cow’s storytelling at some point," says GlobalComix CEO and founder Christopher Carter in the announcement. 

Carter adds, "As relative newcomers in the game, GlobalComix is elated to have forged this partnership with such an industry powerhouse. In combination with our own expertise and customer-driven approach, we are looking forward to leading the world of digital storytelling in ways that have yet to be seen."

"We've been approached by dozens of start-ups who wanted to get into the digital comics business," says Top Cow president Matt Hawkins. "GlobalComix is one of the few that has a real business plan and the strength to carry it off. We look forward to a long, mutually beneficial relationship."

The full Top Cow library is now available on GlobalComix and new titles will be added at a later date. The site also has works from Valiant, several indie outlets, and individual creators.

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