Glass Onion now has a director’s commentary from Rian Johnson – revealing Easter eggs, and deleted scenes

Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix has released a director's commentary with Rian Johnson for Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery via their Watching With... podcast.

The Knives Out sequel sees Daniel Craig return as private detective Benoit Blanc, with an all-new cast of suspects as a murder mystery unravels in the ostentatious home of Edward Norton's tech billionaire Miles Bron.

Throughout the commentary, Johnson reveals Easter eggs and talks deleted scenes. A plethora of scenes didn't make the cut, including one where Birdie (Kate Hudson) and Peg (Jessica Henwick) nearly run into Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) and Helen (Janelle Monáe) before arriving on Miles Bron's (Edward Norton) island. 

Johnson also revealed some intentionality between Bron's ridiculous tracksuits: when he learns that Andi has crucial evidence against him that could take him down, he's donning a blue tracksuit. When he's en route to murder her, he's changed into a black tracksuit, or, a "murder tracksuit" as Johnson calls it.

There are several Beatles references throughout the film, which makes perfect sense considering the film takes its title from a song off the White Album. In Bron's art gallery, several glass sculptures are direct Beatle references: a walrus for the song "I am the Walrus" and strawberries for "Strawberry Fields Forever" – both of which are referenced in the song "Glass Onion." A button that controls the security system is shaped like a "Fool on the Hill," another song that the Beatles call back to in "Glass Onion."

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Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is now streaming on Netflix. The Watching With director's commentary is available wherever you get your podcasts. For more, check out our roundup of the best Netflix movies to add to your streaming queue.

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