Netflix’s latest teen drama is being called the next Gilmore Girls as it returns with season 2

Ginny and Georgia season 2
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Netflix teen drama Ginny and Georgia has finally returned after two years, and the reviews are mostly positive. The series following the mother-and-daughter duo has been compared to Gilmore Girls as fans praise the show’s twists and turns.

Calling it Netflix’s "weirdest teen drama", The Daily Beast (opens in new tab)’s Laura Bradley argued it was better than season 1. "It becomes clear that many of the elements that didn’t work about season 1 have actually improved in this new chapter," she wrote. "It’s a New Year’s miracle."

"There is a lot to love in Season 2 of Ginny & Georgia, including multi-layered performances from Gentry and Howey, a much deeper, more nuanced dive into Ginny’s mental health following her and Austin’s escape from Georgia," said Collider (opens in new tab)’s Rae Torres. "Where it falters, unfortunately, is when it discards those meaningful relationships in favor of a cheap thrill."

While Ready Steady Cut (opens in new tab)’s Daniel Hart said the show is like "the darker Gilmore Girls". The reviewer praised season 2 for delivering a "twisted, engaging, chemistry-filled mother-daughter tale yet again". 

Viewers have been loving the show so far too, taking to social media to share their first impressions. "The writing is very good so far in my opinion," wrote one (opens in new tab). "I like this a lot." Another added (opens in new tab): "You know a show is good when everyone is mad as fuck at the main character." A third tweeted (opens in new tab): "Going to be honest this new Ginny and Georgia season has me shedding a few tears."

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